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The Cheese Market at Alkmaar? Arnhem with it’s Bridge too Far? See Maastricht and the famous burial ground at Margraten; come with us to see the masterpiece of the Delta Works in Zeeland. Give us your ideas and we will put them into practice.


AlkmaarSo much for tradition. Still, the Alkmaar Cheese Market remains a popular tourist spectacle, And there’s plenty to do in Alkmaar after you’ve watched the cheese porters do their Friday-morning ballet at 10 a.m., from early April to early September.


ArnhemAfter the war a Bailey bridge was erected alongside the remains of the bridge. Because it was so low it was impossible for ships to pass underneath and so a higher Bailey bridge replaced it. The Rijnbridge was rebuilt in exactly the same style of the blown bridge and opened in 1948. The bridge was made famous in 1977 in the film “A Bridge Too Far”. The Arnhem road bridge was officially renamed the John Frostbrug(bridge) on 17 December, 1977.


MaastrichtThis is a place where the 8.302 valiant American soldiers who are laid to rest in our country at the U.S. Military Cemetery in the Netherlands. These men are not mere names on row after row of similar gravestones. They were young men in the prime of their lives, all wonderful and unique Americans whose hopes and dreams for the future would never be fulfilled. They answered the call of duty and gave more than was expected of them. Therefore they deserve the everlasting gratitude of all people who enjoy the freedom for which they gave their lives.


AntwerpAnd the bitterly-won tranquillity of Flanders, the beating heart of Belgium. A two hour drive to the mighty port-city of Antwerp and its Market Square and Cathedral.


BrusselsCome to see the Belgium City of Brussels with its Royal Palace, European Commission Headquarters and as always ther is time to shop or simply enjoy a stroll.

Because of the heavy traffic we can only perform this tour in luxury style on Saturday and Sunday.


Delta WorksFor the past 2000 years, the inhabitants of the Netherlands have often had to cope with flood disasters. The name ‘Netherlands’ gives a clue to the problem: ‘Nether’ means ‘low’. It literally means ‘The Low Countries’. When a storm develops and the wind stirs up the waves, the Dutch coastal area can become flooded. The last time this happened on a large scale was just over fifty years ago. Almost 2000 people died following the flood disaster of 1953. Twenty days after the flood of 1953, the Delta commission was inaugurated. The building of the ‘Delta Works’ was such an enormous project, that it was sometimes referred to as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ and not without good reason. If you are interested let us know and we will make your day one you will never forget.

In case you want to spent more time at one of the tours, extra hours can be added. Cost of attractions are not included.