On a beautifully-crafted salon boat
Duration: 75 minutes

Canal cruise AmsterdamThe beautifully-crafted salon boat “TOURIST” built in Muiden (1909), was designed for exclusive tours with guests of Amsterdam’s grand hotels along the waterways of this “Venice of the North”. Now beautifully restored in its original glory by a famous Dutch cabinet-maker Cor Rotteveel, this elegant boat has returned from the past to offer guests the possibility to sail the canals privately. The captain and his crew are skilfully navigating the unique craft through Amsterdam’s maze of canals and offers an alternative view of the city of art, diamonds, church bells and flowers. A glimpse often not seen by travellers on foot. Enjoy the various sounds and experiences when you embark the salon boat the “Tourist”. For those with an eye for detail, this vessel is resplendent with original art nouveau handles, fretand scrollwork Tiffany lamps, brass screws, ebony dowels in the teak table and fine inlaid brass strips in the teak flooring. This is a floating work of art, a visual experience in itself, and the pride and joy of the captain and his crew.

Canal cruise Amsterdam Canal cruise Amsterdam